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Virtual Money Tree

Available: global netizens only

Join the our HappyFamily and let us help you grow your confidence and money tree through crowdfunding, P2P lending, buying our shares or equity.

The world is printing money carelessly and global inflation is set to grow at 3% with real inflation of necessity supplies, home, vehicles prices to grow at 5% yearly.

Most work a basic and freelance salary with savings in the bank, not know the value of their money is worthless by the time they retire 20 years later

Illustration: a Mcburger today can be bought with $3, 10 years later, the same burger cost $6, 20 years it will cost $10. The $3 you saved will not be able to buy you a meal you could today. 

Growing your money is important and together with our reputable partners to offer and bring value to you, you can be from any corner of the world.

We partner with both desk money tree suppliers and fund managers to virtually grow your digital account. Our selected global fund managers with decade of experience and expertise manage a mixed balanced of low-medium risk of equities and stocks from namely United States and Asia including China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia. 

The result is a balance interest if low-medium risk of 3% on your virtual money tree. Buy our money tree today and watch your money grow and returned to you in full anytime within 7 working days. Please read our terms and conditions before purchase.