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PACKXCHANGE: Join Us As A Merchant


Wish to list your products and services on PackXChange? We are looking for individual sellers, companies of all sizes who have products and services in the packaging, food & beverage and other relevant industries to join our website to offer a wider range of choices for our regular and loyal customers. 

Click on the link below to sign up and start uploading your own products to our website. There is a one-month free trial to upload and showcase your products, thereafter we will contact you on the fees (S$50 or US$35) if you are keen to officially join us on HappyPackSG. 

We welcome all companies with products and services and will open a category for you. You may email us any queries we can help you.


(1) You may list if you are an individual or company from any country, with all pr products and services, particularly packaging and the food industry.

(2) You may choose to pay monthly, yearly, for 2 years or 3 years for discount to the price plan. The price will not change is payment is made. Price for the plans are likely to increase in future as the site has increased visitations. Payment link will be email to you after your 1 month trial is over to continue your product listing on our website.