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Our Co.


A food packaging online portal for individuals, families and businesses to trade and exchange food packaging easily and conveniently. Our online model is based on the bringing the shop right in the comforts of your own home or office.

5 benefits and reasons why everyone love buying at Happypack Purchasing portal:

1. Lowest prices, factory price.

2. All items available in stock, within 2 days of collection upon online order only.

3. Web portal of exchange and convenient delivery for small businesses, individual bakers and retail shops or distribution.

4. Everyone will open an account to checkout easily, to view and easily repurchase old orders and view it paperless and go green, without hassle of searching through old records.

5. No phone calls or emails, it's optional. Buy any day, even on weekends to collect on weekdays.

Promotional items are non exchangeable or refundable once sold.


In July 2019, our online portal took over the ownership of HappyPackSG which was started in 2013 by the same content creator. Our contact office merely remains as a contact point, office location and telephone assistance for you.

In the coming years, there will be continuous renewal, refreshment and addition of new, exciting packaging which we will update the shop with. Packaging sees future with compostable (eco) materials, technology and fintech. Keep checking back out online shop to keep abreast of the latest packagings in the market for your food items. HappyPackSG is of greatest honor to continue supporting you and your business expansions, and do so with the same energies and vigour. Thank you for your kindest support and let us know how we can do better. We are always open for more improvement and growing with you.