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About Us

We are a food packaging manufacturer owned and operated by Global Experts in food packaging. We have imported the highest manufacturing technology from America, Europe and Asia topped with the strictest quality control.

Our Corporate Vision

Enriching Eating Experience By Serving World-Food Tastefully Anytime Anywhere.
The vision is to be the market leader in trading and distribution of high quality food packages in this region by utilising the our global resources and networks, machinery and technology to produce biodegradable, highly appealing and environmentally friendly products.

Our Corporate Culture

Respecting Each Other
The culture carries the philosophy of building a kind and caring family working culture within the organization and with all the stakeholders.

Our Corporate Mission

High Quality, Customer Satisfaction
We do visits to suppliers to ensure our products are produced in the most cleanest manufacturing environment and distributed using high quality packaging for your peace of mind.

New Product Development

Our commitment towards intensive product research and development plus a strong corporate philosophy have enabled us to meet our customers' needs and expectations and contribute towards our growth in becoming the leading distribution channel of food packages in the region. Our trading, manufacturing network and logistic systems is shaped to suit our customers' needs and to continuously provide new and better products. Our product diversity, does not only satisfy economic needs but also emphasize on design, fashionability and most importantly reliability in the products logistics process which includes loading and display of food; which is the gist in the development of food packing. To swiftly respond to market needs, we have selected from the best among our suppliers own research and development facility to cater for both standard and custom-made products.