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Purchasing FAQ

(1) Open an account before purchasing. 

(2) Start to look for packaging you require.

(3) Checkout via Paypal, with personal or corporate credit cards. 

Choose delivery or collection methods, and write a note to us on preferred date. Available for collection within 2 days.

(4) Receive confirmation email within 24 hours or email to us at Order@happypacksg.com or call our office at +65 6747 1721.
1) All orders once confirmed, are bound by no cancellation, no return, no exchange, no refund policy
2) Prices online are subjected to changes at any point in time, without prior notice. 
3) Prices online are our lowest and will be applicable only via online order and payment. Should product be ordered via call in to our office or offline means, prices will not be the same due to administrative costs incurred. To secure our online prices, kindly check out online and await delivery.
4) Prices online have not included GST and delivery, which will be included upon checkout.
5) Actual products samples kindly request, as pictures and dimensions might not be 100% illustrative to the consumer eye.
6) HappypackSG is an automated online shop, brand entity, under Collagen Payments Company Singapore with its operations independent from it's contact office company.
7) For offline orders: To enjoy online prices while purchasing with our office with purchase order, (a) advance payment (via cash or cheque) to be handed to our office 2 weeks before advised collection date. (b) Self collection at our office via appointment or subjected to additional delivery charges and local Goods Service Tax.  You are advised to write to our email address for this request
7a) For offline orders on "Multiple Delivery" Range: To enjoy multiple payment upon delivery, there will be a 1 year contract with Happypacksg. You are advised to write to our email address for this request