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The product

We recognize that providing excellent customer service creates the greatest leverage for customer satisfaction. We understand that prudent customer service is when every customer-related business process and delivery system works in harmony. In our journey to achieve such excellence in customer service we have in cooperated end-to-end thinking about every business process and delivery system that touches the customer business. Thus in our endeavor to reach our customers from all over the world we provide the following services :

Pre-sales consultation service
  • Consultation in defining customer requirements; from our vast exposure in serving multi-culture / multi regional customers we are able to assist customer in defining their needs in accomplish their vision.
  • Selection and sourcing.
Trading, Distribution of Brands & Logistics
  • Purchasing and ordering.
  • Customized Designing, Producing and Packaging.
  • Shipping and On Time Delivery.
After sales
  • Delivery Tracking to ensure the product arrive at the designated time and place, undamaged, with appropriate documentation.
  • Product usage guidance - Handling the product and using it properly for the desired results.
  • Invoicing and payment - Accurate billing for a product or service.
  • Customer Support Service - Responding to a customer's inquiries during the entire transaction process, providing support after the sale of the product.
  • Warranty - Responding to a product's failure to perform as specified, meeting the warranty obligations.
Value added Customer Support
  • Business practices to drive customer behavior to enable efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Complexity-reduced products, processes and delivery systems that eliminate non value-add activities and transactions, streamline processes and ensure information transfer and accessibility across the end-to-end transaction.
  • Information-support systems that provide timely visibility of customer interaction and transactions across every step of the process.
  • Performance measurements that work in harmony and measure customer service on the customer's terms.
  • Knowledge-based workforce that is customer-focused, educated, trained and empowered to improve value to customers.
Our Pride
We have customers from all around the globe with current export range covering more than 10 countries. We "HAPPYPACK" stand tall and proud in servicing our customers from different walks of life from all over the world.