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Fully Automated Automatic Lunchbox Sealing Machine Trays Commercial use business shops factory use device (1 per lot)

Happypack Purchasing

  • $6,700.00
  • Save $2,300.00

Product Introduction

· Self-manual, semi-automatic for the user to choose

· Suitable for PP, PE, PET, and other packaging materials

· Suitable for cups, plastic cups, plastic bowls, cups, bowls of seal

This machine is an advanced development of our company, the production of a food and beverage packaging machinery sealing, product process design, easy to operate, saving time, effort, energy, etc., suitable for small food plants, beverage plants, and many dining outlets use .

Scope: Food houses, bakeries, restaurant, breakfast room, dining room.

Use: tea, fruit juice and other liquid beverage cup seal used.

Features: 1, the new Hand Sealer, not only look more beautiful, smaller, more functional. Advanced technology, novel style, reasonable structure, flexible operation, easy to carry, with labor-saving, time-saving, energy saving advantages. Suitable for small food plants, beverage plants .2 best equipment and catering outlets used roll film cleverly designed so that precise positioning seal cup pattern, the user can easily operate .3 with positioning pins designed to effectively prevent tooth knife because a mistake and damage, greatly extend the life of .4, unique dual cup structure for users to freely mix. pearl milk tea sealing machine is a food and beverage cup for sealing packaging machinery. Advanced 


Lunch Box automatic sealing machine sealing process: automatic launch of the lower mold - Artificial into lunch boxes - automatically pushed into the machine - automatic sealing - Automatic cut film

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